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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  September 4, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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neil: welcome, i am neil cavuto, just because president obama and british prime minister cameron can cowrite a column does not mean they are on the same page, especially when it comes to dealing with isis, writing that nato must stand strong, but it cameron or the president that seems to be standing stronger. not me, but mainstream media. consider this headline from new york daily news, asking after beheading of the second american journalist, do you have a strategy now, ar mr. president. or in washington post, urging
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president to seize his unnerves happy talk, something is going on, a seismic shift, a shift we should be watching, i suspect for president it has just hit the fan. because it is more than vulnerible democrats seeks reelection who are not his fans so too a once you fawning media is now wondering why everything is hitting fan. i went this in a column i wrote for a fox site, this is not good for any of us, for any of us. republican or democrat, there is nothing to be gained. from having a president deemed all but gone. we cannot be effective it president seems ineffective, just ask lyndon johnson and richard nixon, neither could
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shake the lame duck label that chased them in their final years sof office, and in nixon's case right out of office. remember, the world is thinking he does not matter as president, they slough america off when they do that, they are sloughing us off. that is why this bears watching, when president said he has not yet come up with a strategy for dealing with isis, the world quickly take its to mean, that mark does not -- america does not have a straeupblg fo stratey strategy for itself. we have our fox business all-stars joining us, colonel to you, on this, this idea, that the president is just not doing it. >> you are right.
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when you remember this press statement that president gave after the james foley beheading and within 8 minutes he was out on the golf course. smiling and whooping it up, those optics are seen all over the globe, when you are the quote, unquote leader of the free world, you stand on biggest platform in the world, the white house. you issue a statement that says, we don't' to put the cart before the horse right now, and we don't have a plan, we find out have you been receiving the daily briefings or past year, addressing isis, and you refer to them as a jv team, that seems you are disengaged as president of the united states of america, the truth on the ground we're pink slipping combat leaders even in combat zones right now,
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we're degrading our military capability capacity, not standing up this these murderous enemy that resembles only thing, i think is nazi germans or ottoman empire. neil: a year ago many were urging supporting that very rebels that are trying to topple assad in syria, they were and are isis. you could make an argument that the president was wise t to be carb agcautious then. whatever the lame duck wrap he gets well. >> there was a window of find to engage in syria after as the green movement that was trying to over new mahmoud ahmadinejad, and the atkwra tolda in iran that -- iia toldas in iran and
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that passed through, window close,. neil: some of these were in fact present day formation of isis. >> you are right. those islamists saw an tune, in a very chaotic situation. neil: what is wrong with president saying, before i go knee deep in this, i should have support? and help, and a coalition? maybe the fact that only cameron and i guess australia saying they would support 2t no one else that might be problem right there? >> well, i do fine it perplexing that president did not look for go international coalition to go in libya. neil: how do we know he didn't. >> i think that the global resolve is going it look for a leader, there is no doubt that united states of america, by
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default, has had the leadership position, in foreign policy, military, and also economic security but that is slipping away, we're loseing that gravitas. neil: all right, stick around colonel. veronica, my perception is whether the president is right or wrong or whether republicans have an know site that did have a year ago, that damage is done, perception of president, our leadership is done. and that he is behind the 8 ball, we are behind the 8 ball, we're not addressing this, we look feckless. >> there is that, optics are not great. the fact that there are two american journalists dead in a most brutal way, it seems like we're just standing back, there are a lot of people wondering what the strategy, where are we going? neil: do you think that american people' to up the end game, all right they killed two
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ed journalist ist we want to come hit hellish war. >> i don't know what outcome or strategy is, but they are looking for a leader, who will communicate, and inspire. neil: all right, smell it out then. -- spell it out then, say something, stand for something do, something, you hear that a lot. president last weekend, was saying, the media's fault that is clamoring that produces a false sense of drama. >> ha, i guess it must be upsetting from president to be pulled away from fundraisers, golfing, to deal with real tragedies, my background is in psychology, i look at this and insidiousness, that is what scares me to be this detached, you have to depersonalize it. so mentally, for whatever reasons, this president has
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depersonalized the beheadings of our journalists, look at benghazi that was depersonalized, and ferguson and trayvon martin you see passion, that is where his heart is. >> julie? >> you know we had a president who personalized a war in middle east said that saddam hussein tried to kill my dad, so i have to kill him, we were told he would be -- >> he didn't say that. >> he said that. he said that he tried to kill my dad. that and i have it in quote i will tweet you that link. >> i am saying do you think that republican or democrat when president is this far down the poll, 38%, that hurts us. >> i think he misspoke, it was a stupid thing to say when he said i don't have a strategy, that is not right optics, but what is the strategy? we're not ready to commit boots to the ground. neil: he should have shut up.
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>> he should have said something. he probably should have frameed it differently. but you know, what i am hearing that tkhrap clamor of us in mida sunni civil war, empowering ir iran. and our getting rid of saddam hussein iran ha has been empowe. >> you would leave isis alone. >> i don't know. that is why i'm saying caution is not something to be criticized at-this-point. neil: the world the way it is today, i'm not saying it is fair or right, look at poll numbers, and happen haded to friar presidents. -- ma happened to prior presidents. i am asking with two years left of this president, can this be helpful to us.
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we know what happened with nixon, and john johnson, nothins done. i am wondering this feeds on itself? >> you are right. this does spillover to perception and optics of united states because, president is the reputation of us. i would say this. to comment that julie made, i have been in combat, i understand being cautious as commander on ground, but you have a force that came to iraq in january of this year, only about 1500 to 2000, but they took ramadi and fallujah, you have to contend with that threat. not allow it to met a*f met mete world sees as dismissive. neil: is that the world saying, we want you to do something but we're tired are wife are get --
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of war, and getting ourselves involved. this -- isis seems to be a special case. >> well, neil, i have to tell you, when do you de demographic analysis about 3% left this population engageed in combat, when i hear that americans are tired of combat, men and women want leadership they want defined guidance, we don't need a president is a theys we'll destroy something but then we'll disrupt it and somehow manage it. those are very confusing stages that i in tern in -- turn causem as a nation, a rudderless ship. >> saddam hussein has done worse than isis, we got rid of him, maybe we should not have.
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i am of opinion if we go in there, we can do not go in alone, where are saudis. neil: fair enough, this is that region's problem. >> julie, i want to say, if we were told there was such a drastic humanitarian crisis in libya we have to commit american military resources provide support to islamists who have now overrun that country, these are mixed signals out of this administration, that get to what neil talking about a confused global situation. neil: all i'm talking about historically i don't care whether they're right on left, with developments like this. president deemed not to be getting it done it is historically not good for us.
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we shall see. >> coming up, remember when governor brown welcomed all of illegals to california. they were listening. boy were they listening. in new york state,
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neil: i wonder if governor in jerry brown welcomed president of mexico with open arms. >> you know, this without considering the hundred million americans who have supposedly given up working for -- looking for work. neil: how do they come up with that 1 in 10? >> a lot of illegals, i write for a group, they have been hammering away, 98% of population growth is due to immigration. it is primarily illegal, we're admitting a million per year, we
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bring in fortensky en workers each -- foreign workers each year. neil: in california like run around capital. >> they have two things, jerry brown, and connection with mexican boardser. border it one of the ease yost states to come over from latin america. neil: what do. >> americans would take those jobs. we got illegals out of factories, the lines of people to get those jobs were americans. neil: why do we not crackdown on the american companies that allow this to happen. >> i agree with you, but tell that to mr. obama. look at politician from both parties who tell you there are too many illegals we didn't get rid of them all, we're either give them citizenship, don't you
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think that encourages more aspireing illegal aliens in the world. those statements constitute firing of a starter pistol for illegal aliens in the world, we have a legal system, why should anyone want to come here legally if you can come here illegally without effort. neil: you are worried about dangerous types. >> absolutely. let's remember that reason we have an inspection program, -- >> is that right. >> similar to what day tsa folk. if someone sneaking in could belong to one or more categories to be excludeed. would you get on a plane if you
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saw people sneaking past the tsa? , of course, not. we forced to accept this. >> covering california 1 in 10 story. >> you also cover a lot of these storys that nobody else -- no other network covers it. neil: thank you. >> thank you. neil: we'll be on it. you were worried about 9/11? >> very much so. i testified 4 1/2 years before 9/11 about dangers with visa fraud, and immigration benefit fraud because of 93 attacks, i had an argument friday before 9/11, i was so frustrated,y asked him what will it take another attack at world trade center, we have to wake up. this is an exostepb shall threat
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peas charty get town down. [laughter] ♪ borf a liver tute face stummy wag ♪ pow pam sha-beeps stella nerf berms. saxa-nay nay? badumps a head. temexiss gurrin. juppa left. fluppa jown! brone a brood. what? catch up on what everyone's talking about with the x1 entertainment operating system. preloaded with the latest episodes of the top 100 shows. only from xfinity. neil: forget about insurance for all, after turning your he'll healthcare world u upside down, fewer americans signed up? true. we could see more people without insurance. not the way it was supposed to be. >> it is really 2017, a cross fire hurricane, next president will walk in to an insurance market that will be
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disfunctional. neil: what happens you said in summer 2016. >> in that presidential election year, you have two things. you will see new provisions kick in. employer mandate kick in that is piece they kick the can down the road on, you see quality health benefits plan before -- american marketplace. that caused canceling as last year, they come particular in 2017 it will drive up prices, premiums will outpace subsidy from federal government. neil: we consider, talk about new enrollys they are paying, and pay enrollys, a lot of them signed up expecting subsidies are expecting that to help
8:25 pm
justify pay to be be an enrolly. it is not -- down the road, we're going to have done all this, then end up with fewer people insured? >> that is right, there is a issue we never addressed cost problem, 20 staep 2017, they wit keep pace with cost, you had a great report out yesterday, centers from medicaid services. you will see an increase of cost 5 to 6%. neil: stop right there. here is what i see at irony, we were told that we were -- needed to get a law that would provide healthcare coverage for everyone. then we were told, maybe 10 million would not be include, then 30 million, a lot of
8:26 pm
americans said, why did we do this. irony would be, all said and done fewer people would be covered, and in interim premiums skyrocketed, it has been turned upside down. >> it is irony, really, you saw this in massachusets. they passed a large expansion of coverage, and they had to come back for a cost problem this foreseeable this is a largeer issue. in 2008, theya agreeed we had a health care cost problem. we have not solveed that yet. neil: we have cost problem, and not everyone covered. amazing michael thank you. >> thank you. >> why one porn side said that jennifer lawrence nudey picks are never going away, and the law is so their side.
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neil: 38% is not a great approval rating. north carolina senator kay hagan is running as fast as she can from the president. >> president should have weaponized the moderate syrian rebels earlier. without doing that, that has allowed isis to grow. and i believe that isis is the most serious threat to our national security since 9/11. >> it is extraordinary that senator hague know said now that -- hagen said that isis is one of latest threat, and pat without a strategy, american people deserve better, and hagan should pound the table for this
8:31 pm
president. >> i am ready to support when needs to done to take isis out. neil: north carolina settorial candidate. we did reach how the on kay hagan but not heard back yet. we have seen this play out again in very tight races, the one you are involved in. feeling heat, over president's handling of foreign policies. is this going to be the surprise issue? foreign policy? in north carolina? >> i think it is. i think your prior 3 segment disstilled what this elect is about president's fail foreign policy, and failure on obamobamacare could and failuren
8:32 pm
immigration. neil: do you think north carolinians share that view, do they worry about the economy? about jobs? or they scared about their lives and how we react to something like this? >> i think they are. you have to understand north north carolina has one of largest military presences of any state with a lot of men and women deployed to defend our freedom. this president, is making the world less safe, i think it is felt particularly so in north carolina because of this. but it is a combination. failure on economic policy, the threat of obamacare harming our economy. and in particular north carolina. all those takening it are a long list of failures that hagan will be held accountable for in this election. neil: if you make it to this senate, the wrap is how
8:33 pm
unproductive they have been. without more legislation out, and i guess more regulations out, they have not done stuff. is that a big deal to you? what would you say? >> it is a really big deal. one reason why i ran for north carolina house, i became speaker, i said, we were elected we had to dd things defensely, and we get a majority this senate, american people expect results. >> what would you push? push for dismantleing the health care law. >> i think you have to understand, reality of numbers in senate, there is a student to repeal the law, and replace it with things that make sense. letting kids 26 and under on their parent's healthcare plan, those sorts of things, lifetime caps, they i think can be
8:34 pm
implemented without i di i did destabilizing healthcare of 250 americans, this is a government regulatory overreach, and one of the largeest on tax increases in u.s. >> would push to repeal it. a lot of your more conservative colleagues say this should be goal, you seem to say think to change the more oppressive elements. >> make myself clear, i would vote to repeal obamacare, the president would veto that vote, then what can you do to slow it down? even the president has vetoed some of his possessions through these delays of mandates. that will be crippleing, i think that american people need to understand, that when other elements of obamacare, are implemented they will be devastating and they are making a promise they cannot fulfill, robbing 700 billion from medicare to plan the books.
8:35 pm
so, there is a number of flaws in obamacare which is why republicans want to repeal it, but i don't take the bait, from the other side who say that we don't think that common sense provisions of healthcare reform like having people underage of 26 on their parent's plan, left lifetime taps they can be dealt with. driving several doctors and medical professional out of the profession. >> all right, thank you very much. >> what the hack? nude photos don't belong to the celebrities? a porn site's legal argument against deleting those pictures that might have the law on his side. ting my future.
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neil: let be be brief about those pictures of jennifer lawrence, the star's attorney racing to get the nude photos of her off internet, one porn site said not selfies they don't belong to her, she is not the one that took the pictures. rebecca said it does not matter who took the picture they have to be removed, but -- agrees with porn site is kelly. >> copyright applys on photographs who person who is owner that person who clicks shutter, have a selfie of a monkey taken on someone's camera, they person demand that wickywikipedia make the photogrh down, they were right the monkey was the owner of that. neil: what i find odd, who has rights? >> this is interesting, jennifer
8:40 pm
may have right if she took the selfie, whoever took pictures of her. neil: how do you discern that. >> maybe ways, she admited i did not take this myself. the person who took it, actually could have given the rights and copey right to yen for, or in process of doing that. if i were jennifer, and i took pictures, who knows why, but does not matter, i would say, i want a contract where i take rights from you i own them. neil: i understand, but what if a situation where, i am star, i know these are nude pictures of myself, i up load it to icloud or a cloud. and that is on me. >> agreed, it is on you, but this is a different legal argument versus who owns them and whether or not you have a reasonable expectation of privacy.
8:41 pm
neil: follow my legal madness here. all i'm saying, whether you know, you have rights to them or not, you up loaded them, or someone on your behalf did. that came out, you can't get rid of them, they are out now too late. >> i agree. the argument is icloud is supposed be safe, it is supposed to be protected, people should not hack into it, but once you desim nate nude pictures of yourself, idea that you now can control whether -- where they go on internet is preposterous. >> she put them on the cloud to save the them for herself, she d an expectations proof hav srasz s privacy that cloud was per personal place. neil: what about --
8:42 pm
>> where does privacy end? neil: it's not her fault they go the out her. >> she didn't -- >> my think i financial informat out there. >> wouldn't you want to sue the cloud and quicken and whoever facilitated that the hackers? the onus on the stars. >> it should not be. neil: kelly you say, whatever means or what happens, it is out there. and what? even though they might have tried to back it up, it is out there not theirs to control? >> well usually, if we're away from argument whether who took picture or not, focus oning once they are released there is no stoping that train, you will sue everyone out there that is now passing these on? we learned when you put something to internet, on facebook it does not matter when they tell you, it is inlikely it
8:43 pm
will stay private, if you want to private, den let it leave your phone or don't take them in the first place. >> i think that everyone has a right to doha they want if she topped take personal pictures shaorbg had asshe had an expectw be saved for herself. herself. >> who has -- was in an iphone what happens? is there the ability to secure, maybe there isn't, maybe then provider should tell us, this is not that secure. >> thank you very much. i am confused but you brilliantry confused me. >> demanding a raise by skipping work, why the fast-food workers, should be lucky they have a job. musical chairs. fun, right?
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neil: think fast. would you give your employer a raise if they just skipped work to strike? hundreds protesting today for 15 menium wage, main of them walking out of their jobs to do so. folks biz all-stars are back. >> i think we need math tutors. even though this is a trick of labor union bosses to get these folks to do this, if they did math, you know a lot of people are emptied a employment add mc.
8:48 pm
and stuff like that, they cater to low and middle income families. neil: what do you think? >> franchisees are already stretched. where do they get the money to do this. how that will affect cost. and their business. neil: julie, i am fore raising minimum wage, i am in mitt romney camp, said do you this slowly. >> julie camp. >> i love it. neil: let me change my position. one thing to say 10.10 an hour, or 13 or 14 or l.a. wants to 22.50. whatever it is, come on. there is a better way. to do this? >> you have right to strike here. so i don't understand the horror of people striking, you are allowed to do that. try living in new york city for 15 bucks an hour.
8:49 pm
most are women who are single moms. neil: what% of work morse at minimum wage. >> quite a bit. neil: 3%. >> that is a lot. what do you begrudge 3% for. neil: there this is about lining the pockets of labor. let's start with fact, if they really did care. neil: hey good points. maybe if we hike minimum wage we don't have to worry about illegals or make it, it worse? >> i -- hiking minimum wage is never the answer, economically does not work. neil: here is -- i love you, i love you all, but i can make an argument, we lose sight of fact that someone bears that cost.
8:50 pm
maybe americans are happy, and willing to pay more for a burger. i am argue that, just does not n air. >> that is right. >> and you know companies like mcdonald's, a lot of fast-food chains have automateed some jobs, when you keep seeing pressure like this. >> julie have you been there? >> there is a roy rodger. >> yes. >> i tell you, it is automateed. i make your own damn burger, you cash yourself out, i am saying that is without men mihm wage going up. -- minimum wage going up, i think that it goes up, i tell you, i will be in kitchen making my meal. >> wait, let me give you my theory of trickle down economics, you are a minimum wageworker, you get a bump, you
8:51 pm
for to roy rodgers get a burger. >> you can get on an automateed facility. >> i have been to starbucks there. >> and i wish they were automateed that is a long line. >> all i'm saying. be careful what you wish for you, can push a lot of businesss that will look at making adjustment as a result. >> but, it means less jobs. the corporate ceos are not taking a pay cut, they will hire less people. neil: julie is driving right boy roy rodgers. >> they are a little gross on the turnpike. neil: all right when we come back. what is deal with ed henry reporting at a bar named henry's. why a cav pub could be next.
8:52 pm
i'm looking at you ed.
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8:55 pm
neil: what is deal with britain having all bold leaders these days. >> why do and have so many brits joined isis. >> much is a self-inflicted wounds with 4 decade of state 61 ore -- sponsored, we have encouraged people not to come together, but to live separately and apart.
8:56 pm
>> i think the accent that makes everyone sound. -- dex for writes that guy gets it. take it from a brit, isis, they lead to multicalamity. sue, we're doing like the u.k., with our muslims taking every of christian background out of school, public parks and providing muslims with a place to wash their feet in airports and schools, and places to pray. you are trying it say is we don't have a prayer. many are agreeing. victor, forget about melting pot the whole damn country is going to pot. and i'm amazed how you seek out nuts who would close borders than open minds.
8:57 pm
-- well what is despicable you being select, if you heard what british opposition leader said you would understand he was not pushes aside other relongons or points of view, just saying nations that form their true majority, they lose their core. when no less than martin luther king's own niece tells me same thing to the same show, i think that is a pretty reveals pattern. and revealing worry. i notice you left her comments out of your comments, who is not so fair and balanced? >> we're a land of equal punety noopportunityty not equal outco. we have been brow beaten by obama and the democrats to forget alforforget all this.
8:58 pm
ridiculous. any other good things you have to say will make air, your concerns about president are shared, bill who texted, he is sick of seeing video of president bounding down steps of air force one, show obama going up when leaving, i am tired of seeing help arrive, and pranceing down the stairs. take a walk. >> william, neil, should we ever meet, i'll not fawn over you, i will tell you, you are the reason i got interested in fox
8:59 pm
business. you better talk to james in san diego. when are you doing on tv, you are a idiot, and uninformed. i have been a conservative since before you were born, i can tell you -- you should be off tv. outside of that james what do you think? we're dealing with a criminal invasion issue. why can't you media people call a spade a spade, every one of these people are criminals. i saw ed henry, standing in front of a bar and grill named henry's, when are you getting a bar or a bakery named cavuto?
9:00 pm
i'm giving it some thought. we'll see you tomorrow. john: this is how you sound out a word -- school is changeing. >> our coarse courses break down complex ideas. >> we talk about text processing. john: entrepreneurs found way to make learning fun. >> you lose a life when you get something wrong. john: school is fun. >> yes. john: if they make it, it college they struggle with the cost. >> $60,000 a year. >> this girl paid for duke by doing pornography. >> high administration is increasing federal s


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